Posted on 2015-01-25 01:30:17

Sorry for not updating recently! 💦💦

Aarin has some happy news! 💓

Kiru Mania Family will be airing on
Kansai TV, Sendai Broadcasting, Iwate Menkoi TV, Okayama Broadcasting, and Okinawa TV! (`・ω・´)

So happy—!!!!!

Aarin is really really happy (^ω^)

It made her wonder

Is this the result of all the people who managed to watch the airing?
Or is it because of all the comments and requests from those living in areas where it wasn’t aired? (。-∀-)

Fufufu! \ 💕

She’s really glad she put in her best effort—.

She’s never been so happy—!

Everyone, thank you 😌

It’ll air late at night,
but please watch it if you can—! (*¨*)

And this week!

The PV for “Yume no ukiyo ni saite mina” was released on Monday ( ˆoˆ )/

Here are some photos when we did the PV filming in Las Vegas 📷

Everyone, have you watched it yet—?

And then, we had Momoiro Folk Village on Thursday 💃

MSta on Friday 🎤

where we performed “Yume no ukiyo ni saite mina” for the first time on TV! ✨

It was so much fun ( •∀•)/

Then, we did lots of filming today too! (。-∀-)

And tomorrow will be Anime Kouhaku—— 💓

We may do that thing (。-∀-)
There may also be the other thing too (。-∀-)

It’ll surely be a shocking show for everyone
so look forward to it— ♪

Goodbye— 🙆

Sasaki Ayaka