Posted on 2015-01-25 16:09:16

Folk Village and MSta
were completed successfully…

I really love to sing,
but the anxiety I feel every time is just crazy
I can’t even describe it in words de-ariyasu (+Θ+)

Every Folk Village episode
will have a different hurdle that causes me to feel nervous

And it’s a personal challenge each time
to see if I’ll be able to overcome it or not

But no matter what the result is

I feel that I’ve accomplished the best I could
each time when I deliver straight
to all the fans who are watching,
so they know that I put in my best effort

And then, with that as a base,
I hope to link up to a higher level next time!!

This episode especially, gave me pressure from different areas
The members, staff,
and everyone else around really paid me so much attention
and supported me…
I’m really so thankful

I want to deliver my gratitude everyday,
with regards to how everyone around me always
accommodates my beliefs and wilfulness
and watches over me

And I’m painfully reminded once again
that I must not forget this fact

To everyone who has always supported me, I’m really grateful

I’ll never forget this gratitude ☆

So, today is Anime Kouhaku!!

More feelings of anxiety and nervousness await,
but the feelings of excitement are definitely high too,
so everyone who’s coming, look forward to it— ♪

Oh! I’ll report here for those who can’t make it too! (*・Θ-*)

Chiyu, happy birthday (*>∀<*)
And then,
Happy birthday! To Kome-chan!
My beloved stylist who made the costumes for Tenkasu Trio all on his own!