Scans by Negi@AHS.


Revival of the Sexy Diva!

I’m back!!
After a year-long blank, the Kuu-chan who appeared before our camera again is full of “The Koda Kumi” sexy charm and “comeback” feel. After becoming a wife and mother, what is the reason behind that increased sparkle in her? In her first comeback interview, Koda Kumi speaks honestly of her now—


(1) What did I look like when I was first born? Let’s take a peek in “Koda Reki”. Do I look like Dad or Mum? Well, I look like a gorilla (laugh)
(2) My recent drama obsession “Pretty Little Liars”.
(3) I’ve been eating too much sweet food recently…… A crepe for snacks today ❤
(4) A PRADA bag I got from TOCO PACIFIC!
(5) My beloved BALENCIAGA purse.
(6) Bed linen from Anthropologie, which has the best colour, feel and softness, & cushions from mercy.
(7) A meal cooked by hubby ❤ This tomato egg soup is most delicious!!
(8) Koda Kumi’s special onigiri, made with pickled radish, kombu and spam. I made these for a flower-viewing party.
(9) Shiroyuki’s squalene damp towel, which I’ve been using for years. I just heat the towel up and put it on my face, and it’ll help to remove make-up and open my pores. I always use this after a LIVE. It’s as soft as marshmallows ❤
(10) Mum’s beauty salon “Be.LUM”‘s detox bath essence. It really makes me sweat ❤
(11) I attended Yamashita Tatsuro-san’s LIVE. It was the best LIVE that gave me goosebumps, laughing at the MC and crying at the songs. I was totally touched!!
(12) My hair looks like this when I untie it. Like korone bread.
(13) I just untie my hair to get the effect in the previous picture.
(14) Cookies I baked for Valentine’s Day this year ❤ I took photos only of the nicer ones (laugh)
(15) My latest nails. Feel like having them round and short.
(16) Good morning. This is me when I woke up one morning. (laugh) I had crazy bed hair only on one side!!!! As it’s been so long since the last comedy moment, I’m showing this to everyone ❤
(17) Beloved dog Rum-chan’s ashes have been laid to rest. I know that we are forever separated now, and it makes me so sad, but I will come to see you lots!!
(18) A simple coordination with MURUA’s shirt-dress.
(19) During recording. mercy.’s black shirt-dress & Chantal Thomass tights ♪
(20) Mum sent me a parcel filled with lots of presents from fans. Thank you everyone ❤
(21) Taken during a studio filming session. White fish, rolled cabbage, weiner, vegetables…… A satisfying lunch full of variety and volume ♪

End of last year, she announced her marriage. And then, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy this summer. Kuu-chan has become a wife and mother, but the “dominating” Koda Kumi cool is still present in her!! To prove that point, she appeared before our cameras without any “protection”, showing off her powered-up sexy charm. She displayed the “erokakkoii” style that is all Koda Kumi!!

“Actually, this interview should be commemorated as my first comeback assignment. Because I didn’t need to watch my figure during my pregnancy, I just ate anything I wanted. In the end, I went 15kg over my ideal weight. (laugh) I had to give my all to get my body back in shape for this ViVi photoshoot!! (laugh)”

Seems like her direct and frank charm is still strong as ever ❤ We inquired about her feelings after undergoing such a drastic change in her private life, and she spoke to us of the following happy episodes.

“I’ve always used words like “precious” all the time, but I feel like I am truly understanding the meaning of this word for the first time. My child’s existence is just so precious and cute. Hubby often plays lullabies on the guitar to lull the baby to sleep. Sometimes, he’ll ask me to sing “Ai no uta”, and I will join in with my singing. Watching my baby’s sleeping face and singing together with my hubby’s guitar playing, I just felt happiness from the bottom of my heart.”

Happiness increases with a family. She has lost nothing

After a year, she returns with new single “Go to the top”, featuring an edgy sound and a dominance characteristic of “The Koda Kumi”. Kuu-chan gives a unique reason as to why she chose this cool song as her comeback piece.

“Marriage and childbirth makes a woman stronger, more beautiful, and more cool. I want to make this point using myself as an example. All my female friends and staff members, as well as many women around the world, have a negative image of marriage and childbirth. They believe that there is so much to lose by going through these events. However, after going through it myself, I feel that I have “gained” more than I have “lost”. I have gained not just a child and husband, but also “a new family”, irreplaceable love, a feeling that I have something to protect…… With so many more allies, love and support, I feel that I have become stronger.”

She has lost nothing. Kuu-chan elaborates further with the “constant presence of hubby”.

“If he really wished for me to enter a domestic life, I may have let go of “Koda Kumi”. However, he didn’t wish for that, and respects me as an artiste. That’s why I didn’t give up on my dream of Koda Kumi, and can stand here today. With today’s photoshoot too, when I told him that I may have to “be a little more revealing, sorry if it makes you uncomfortable”, he replied that “this is something only Koda Kumi can do, so give it your best shot”. Sexy performances, edgy costumes… All these things which normal men may dislike their wives doing, he supports it and says that they are “just like Koda Kumi, and cool”. That’s why I’m able to continue being a dominant personality without any pressure. With such thoughts in mind, even my hairstyle has been influenced to reflect such feelings as well. (laugh)”

Even after marriage, she’s still so in love with hubby

“I really don’t know if I should be wondering about this, but because I’m so happy now, I sometimes wonder if things will be different if I had married someone else. And then, I always come to the conclusion that I probably won’t be as happy as I am now. I’m really lucky to have married this person. I used to think that “marriage=happiness”, but I don’t think that now. Happiness is determined by who you marry.”

Kuu-chan sings praises of her beloved in new single’s coupling track “darling”. Even Kuu-chan herself was amazed that she could sing with such a gentle voice overflowing with love.

“Looking at the sleeping face of my beloved after he spent all his energy working hard at household chores, something which he’s unfamiliar with, in order to relieve my burden…… All these feelings of “love” with I feel in everyday life have come together to create this song.

People often ask me things like “Won’t you feel lonely after you’ve moved past the honeymoon stage of love?” and “Do you feel unease at the thought of becoming unable to sing love songs after you get married?”…… But I totally don’t feel any of that loneliness or unease. I mean, I’m still so in love with hubby even now ❤ The feelings of “love” didn’t disappear after marriage. If anything, so many things that make me feel that “I’m so glad it’s him” happen, so the feelings just grow and I love him more and more. (laugh) Also, my child has become “one more lover”, and a broader, deeper love is slowly growing within me. Even now, I can still stand in front of a mike and continue to sing love songs with my heart, and that is just too joyful and wonderful!! Rather than feeling uneasy, I feel like I can sing even better songs ❤”

Having a dream come true is to stand at a new starting point

“I’ve been away from the music scene for just a short time, but it has made me realize how much I want to sing, and how much I love to sing. During my break, (Kimura) Kaela-chan and Chara-san sent me some new music. So I took the chance to listen to various kinds of music which I had no time to check out previously. I also started listening to genres other than R&B, and have come to enjoy a broader range of music. From there, I’ve gained lots of insights.”

Now, she is full of new ideas and feelings of moving forward. Her strong wish to sing is also overflowing, putting her in the best position to progress, she said with a smile. Koda Kumi’s second stage is off to a good start. “Having a dream come true is not reaching a goal, but to stand at a new starting point.” Thus saying, we predict lots of surprises coming our way from Kuu-chan.

“I’ve always said I want to hold my child while singing “Cutie Honey”. I want to become such a cool mum. I think everyone has their various opinions of me, but I want to continue living my own way. And if that connect to someone’s dreams and hopes, it’ll be great. However…… If my child grows up and tells me “I don’t like you with blonde hair” or “I don’t want you to attend Parent’s Day at school”, then maybe my ideas will change. But I’ll think about that when the time comes. (laugh)”


Now, every day is overflowing with “preciousness”
“Continuing to sing of love”. That will forever be Koda Kumi’s theme, even into the future. The 2 irreplaceable loves which have appeared in her life may probably bring some change into her songs, and that is another thing we’re secretly looking forward to.