I am Hamasaki Ayumi.
11 November 2013. 12:28:33

Hello everyone, nice to meet you!!!
I am Hamasaki Ayumi, and to commemorate the release of photobook “ayu” on 15 November, I will be blogging at ameblo for the next 7 days, starting from today m(_ _)m

It’s a short period, but I hope to write casual reports of my everyday life, so please do support me ♡



Looks cold.
11 November 2013. 14:27:06


Little bro’s..
11 November 2013. 20:00:00



Classic lady
11 November 2013. 20:10:00

I felt a need to dress up like a big sis for today’s celebration ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ So I went with the surefire Chanel jacket.
But I totally behave like a big bro. (laugh)