Posted on 2014-07-11 23:40:55

*Fanfare* \(^o^)/

And so and so, here’s a full exhibition
of Aarin’s dress photos— (-^艸^-)

During the period of her fracture, Aarin went through
10 different dresses (*∩ω∩)

She got to put on so many cute dresses!


↑ During the AE event!
It was her first dress, so she wasn’t used to it at all. (laugh)
At that time, she couldn’t possibly have imagined how many dresses she would go through by the end-


↑ During the Japan TV hijack!
This one’s cute too-!
A two-shot with Momoka, who was pushing my wheelchair (。-∀-)


↑ During the public live radio broadcast at Spain zaka!
It’s been a long time since she last had her hair in half twintails (laugh)
Isn’t she cute? (。-∀-)
This was probably when she started getting used to being in dresses and a wheelchair-


↑ During the recording for “Bokura no ongaku”!
It’s a new style, a dress with a T-shirt ( ̄▽ ̄)
It was the closest she was to normal (laugh)
The part under the T-shirt was really cute too, I should have taken it off~


↑ During the recording for “Momoclo-chan”!
Aarin really likes this dress~
A black and pink little devil Aarin \(^o^)/
It’s just rare that Aarin ever wears a dark pink costume

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