Posted on 2014-09-02 09:30:53

Everyone———— ♪

Good news! Good news!!

Aarin has successfully
escaped from the “Wani to shampoo” situation (`・ω・´)

Thanks to everyone who sent in your support—!

Now she feels all relieved.
It really put her in a panic (laugh)

But, having such thrills
some——times is fun too (。-∀-) (laugh)

That said,
Aarin won’t ever be hounded by summer homework ever again!

Today, she put on her uniform for the first time in months,
and it really got her excited~!!

She’ll surely enjoy her last JK (*^ω^*)

And the last concert of her summer vacation
was the Anime Melody Summer show!!!

Thanks to everyone who came! (^^)

It’s our third time at Anime Summer!

We’re getting to know the staff well,
and it feels like the season’s finally here, too—! (laugh)

We’ll work hard, so that we’ll be invited next year too!

This time, we did a collab with Horie Mitsuko-san on “Akubi musume no uta” ♪

Thank you!

Aarin played as Kan-chan!!




How is it—? How is it—?!

Aarin loved it, so she got really excited (laugh)

But Kanako-chan was the best (laugh)

The quality of her cosplay was awesome, just like last year’s. (laugh)

Cosplay is so much fun— \(^o^)/

Aarin must fully enjoy her school uniforms before they become a cosplay too! (*∩ω∩)

image Sasaki Ayaka image