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How is everyone—? (ノ∀`)

There’s so much I want to say,
that I don’t know where to start— (・。・)

Ah! I didn’t get the chance to announce this,
and it’s been quite a while since the broadcast was aired (laugh)
But to everyone who watched “Konnichiwa! Doubutsu no aka-chan”—? (* ̄▽ ̄)/ Thank you ♪
There’s not many programmes that can heal and warm our hearts like this one can (^^)
I was the host, and it was quite scary!!
We went to the aquarium— (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Isn’t that great? (。-∀-)
I had so much fun—!!
That I completely forgot that I was surrounded by cameras. (laugh)

Then, FNS!!
This time, more than 70 groups of artistes performed,
and we got the chance to do different collabs too!!
Mori Masako-san, Minami Kousetsu-san, Ise Shouzou-san, Suzuki Masayuki-san, Moriemon (Moriyama Naotarou-san), miwa-san, SCANDAL-san, Ebichuu-chan, Syachihoko-chan

Mori-san shocked us when he wore the school uniform as a surprise during the show!! ♪

Ah! After rehearsals with Seibu-san,
it somehow feels different when I lift my legs today (・∀・)
And I got to watch that person play the piano too (゜゜)
I begged to stay to watch the piano performance! (laugh)

But Seibu-san was behind me,
so it’s really such a relief (´-`)

Then, we performed as the opening act for Lady Gaga-san’s concert!!

Wow, what can I say?
Did it really happen?
Did we really do the opening act for Lady Gaga-san?
Oh, we did,
but it’s still just so hard to believe (*゚-゚)

Now that it’s over, I still can’t believe it happened. (laugh)

Watching Gaga-san’s concert really opened our eyes to the world!!

The world is just so huge~

And then and then
we had Girls’ Factory
on the 18th and 19th!!

On the 18th, we had miwaclo and Momoiro SCANDAL!
On the 19th, we performed as Momoiro Clover Z (*^^*)
there was also Akaclo, Abaclo, and Negoclo!!! (´-`)

Everything was just so much fun (≧≦)

To everyone who came or watched the live broadcast, thank you ヽ(*^ω^*)ノ

Thanks to everyone who watched Trick Hunter yesterday too!
It was rare in the sense that I got to dress in casual clothes, since we always dress in our Momoclo costumes.
It was so refreshing that I got too excited! (laugh)

A-n-d-t-h-e-n- today!!
We took part in Mezamashi TV’s event
at Sendai kobo Stadium!!
Our mood reached its peak as we watched Kishidan-san’s concert,
and we followed up with a Wasshoi! (  ̄▽ ̄)
After that was Funky Katou-san’s performance,
and all the audience sang “Ato hitotsu” together!
Such a wonderful progression (*´艸`)
It’s such too much fun————!

I was smiling lots too,
because we got to get so close to the audience and see lots of smiles up close (*´ω`*)

but I’ll be packing up the smiles I saw today and taking them home— (。-∀-)

(*´艸`) Fufu
And happy birthday to Furu-chan!!!!