Posted on 2014-08-12 01:34:57

Everyone~ Are you alright after the typhoon—??

All the weekend till this morning,
the NEWS has been all about the typhoon
It’s just so worrying…

But from today on, Tokyo will be caught up in a heat wave again

Summer summer, exhausting summer
Let’s dash through this week to the weekend in one breath again~~~ =3

FNS is finally coming 2 days later

Then, Gaga-sama the next day (* *)

And there’s Girls’ Factory too ♪

We’re working hard with lessons everyday— (*・Θ-*)b

Yes yes ♪
Yesterday, the last concert at the National Stadium played on BS Sky Perfect

I haven’t watched it all yet
But I’ll study the BD closely once I get it—

The heat and power was really so awesome (* *)

We mustn’t lose out to their power
And work hard for all the ho~t concerts this summer— ☆

Please support us from afar (*・Θ-*)

Send us power, ok?! ☆

So— After sweating so much,
some cold soba is great, right? (*^^*)
It’s refreshing when I add lots of spring onions inside ♪

Then, eating frozen mikan in the bath, something limited to summer!!

This is really the best (*>∀<*)<br />
Everyone, please try it— ♪

Here’s some off-shots from the comico CM, playing on TV now!! =3=