Posted on 2014-08-12 01:28:31

Yeah yeah!
Has everyone been doing summerish things—?
This year, I met up with a group of friends on the roof of my friend’s house, where we watched fireworks, played endlessly with sparklers, and even split a melon ( ^ω^ )

Takagi managed to split it right down the middle! (laugh)
That melon was so delicious, that even though everyone ate 2 slices each, I chowed down 4 slices on my own—!
Even the seeds! Because it was too troublesome to spit them out——— (laugh)
My friends warned that maybe a melon would start growing inside my tummy. (laugh)
We had so— much fun—!

Then, Takagi is also obsessed with shaved ice—!
It’s so delicious, I love it—!
I wonder how many I will eat this summer!
I’ve been especially obsessed with the lemon and macha flavours recently!

There’s lots of different flavours for shaved ice these days, right?
There are even shaved ice cafes!
I’ve been doing research so we can go during our next break. I’ll report here if we do that!

Looking forward to that———!
Ahh— I’m getting sleepy, so I’ll end here!
See you soon—
Goodnight ( ^ω^ )